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Cardio Tone

Cardio Tone
This class is a fantastic mix of cardio, toning and core work. It is an extremely effective overall body workout. It consists of:

  • 30 min Cardio
    It consists of moderate intensity exercise moves such as jogging, jumps, side steps, hops, etc to name but a few, all put together into fun routines to music. It also includes some high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT will get you fitter faster and burn more calories for up to 12 hours after your class.

  • 30 min Toning/Core work
    We use bodyweight exercises, hand weights and optional use of kettlebells to work every muscle group in the body. There are a large range of weights and Kettelbells to suit your fitness level, which will allow for continual progression.

The benefits include:

 √ Increased cardiovascular strength
Burns calories
Increased muscle tone
Strengthens core muscles
Increased total body strength
Improves flexibility
Quick results


CardioTone -  2015 Time Table  to be announced
                   Note: Enrolment for Cardio-tone class is 10 min before class.





Start Date
Monday Cardio Tone      

Cardio Tone

Wednesday   Cardio Tone        
Thursday - - - -
Friday  - - - -

CardioTone Rates:   7 weeks: 1 night per week 55 , 2 nights per week 85, 3 nights 110


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Norma O' Sullivan   B.Sc,-MSc., NCEF,ITEC  -     Telephone : 086-8691474  -  Email: